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  1. 100 Posts

    User reached 100 posts on the forum.


  1. Pet Owner

    User is a pet owner.

  2. Bit drunk

    User goes more "deep" when it comes to alcohol.

  3. Coder

    User has experience with programming languages.

  4. Minecraft Player

    User plays Minecraft and has a premium account

  5. PUBG Player

    User plays PUBG on Steam.

  6. LoL Player

    User plays League of Legends and has level 15 or above.

  7. Graphic Designer

    User has insane skills when it comes to design.

  8. Gamer

    User has a lot of gaming experience.

  9. 300 IQ

    User has an insane IQ, basically a genius.

  10. Staff Member

    User is a staff member.

  11. Thanks from the Founders

    User did something important for the community and we appreciate it.

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    • Graphic Designer

    • Staff Member

    • Gamer

    • Thanks from the Founders