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  1. YReidar

    GrRaY Introduction

    You're Welcome Bro!
  2. YReidar

    Only in my team

    Our Nasus Their Nasus Vs
  3. YReidar

    Who will win

    #Dogsbestfriends :)
  4. YReidar

    What is better?

  5. YReidar

    League Of Legends partner >_>

    Sad 😞, sry but I have too many friends in EUNE and I play with them
  6. YReidar

    How do you spend your time?

    routine of my day: play, eat something, watch anime, fapp, and sleep at 5 am )
  7. YReidar

    Who will win

    Cats or Dogs?
  8. January 25, 2004-June 10, 2018 Press F to pay respects😫
  9. Who is waiting for this game?😄
  10. I'm playing supp and I'm main Pyke
  11. YReidar

    League Of Legends partner >_>

    Sorry but I'm playing in EUNE, If you wanna play with me, add Y Reidar
  12. YReidar

    Hey everyone!

    Ty )