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    I have a PP
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  1. Overdose

    League Of Legends partner >_>

    Aww I'm EUW I used to be diamond 3 on EUNE but got banned :c If you wana come to my server I can buy you RP to change ur server
  2. Overdose

    advice for the one who started looking at anime!

    You all should watch Boku No Pico its so good jk y'all shouldn't you will regret your life if u do
  3. Overdose

    Who will win

  4. Overdose

    What is better?

    I own all PS4 is good and all but if u got a good PC then PS4 sucks lol PS4 > Xbox btw
  5. Overdose

    Who play with PC?

    I play on PC like 24/7 literally Just need people to play wit
  6. Overdose

    Overdose Introduction

    Name: Ari Age: 18 Location: Albania Hobbies: Being a retard, anime , gaming How did you find SynthX: ahh can't really remember but I found the forum from the giveaway Tex was doin in the discord server A bit about myself: Retard , memer , funny i guess? Contact: Discord I gave my trust, I shed my blood#1601 Other details: umm the forum's pretty cool. Just needs a lil more activity
  7. First hello I'm a retarded good player in league of legends I need a duo in ranked cause all my teammates are bots. Server: EUW Name: xEternalYouth Hmu
  8. Overdose

    How do you spend your time?

    Fapping playin videogames and watch anime i guess lol