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  1. TeXusAK


    T/C. We will consider this suggestion for the future.
  2. TeXusAK

    OpenGraph Meta Tags

    Suggestion successfully added.
  3. TeXusAK

    OpenGraph Meta Tags

    Thanks for the suggestion, will add this in some hours. From what I know there are already meta tags for every thread specific, like thread name, description and all that but there aren't good tags for the index.php.
  4. TeXusAK

    Minecraft Comeback

    Yeah, you might be right. I'll most likely give Minecraft a new try this weekend.
  5. TeXusAK


    The suggestion is decent, but thing is that for now our forum is pretty small so it doesn't have so much traffic so no one would actually be interested in buying an advertisement on our forum. We will probably add that in the future, thank you for suggesting that.
  6. TeXusAK

    htaccess auto-redirect to HTTPS

    I'll take a look into what suggested, but you're right here. When people register they see the "Not-secure" in the url bar which makes them kinda scared let's say? But thank you so much for putting effort into this and actually suggesting updates for the forum.
  7. TeXusAK

    Minecraft Comeback

    I mean, checking the stats Minecraft is still the biggest game that exists, that means it's played by a lot of people. But you're right, many times I come back to it to play it again. It gives such a nostalgia moment reminding me of old memories.
  8. TeXusAK

    R.I.P. , Opportunity Rover June 10, 2018

    LOOOL, that would be funny as hell to see.
  9. TeXusAK

    hey im boop

    Welcome, nice to have you here 😄
  10. TeXusAK

    Webhook to Discord

    Tbh mate, I was already working on something like this but it's appreciated to see it as a suggestion from someone. I hope to finish this suggestion in maybe the next update, but I'll add it for sure.
  11. TeXusAK


    We have a lot of plans for the future, but new ideas are always appreciated. Thing is if you want to suggest something for the discord server then DM me on discord, but if you want to suggest something for the forum go here: http://synthx.net/index.php?/forum/23-suggestions/
  12. TeXusAK

    Only in my team

    LOL so fucking true ahahahah
  13. TeXusAK

    Overdose Introduction

    Hey bro, please put your introduction here http://synthx.net/index.php?/forum/20-introductions/ . This is for off-topic. T/C
  14. TeXusAK

    What is your favorite champ?

    I currently play on EUNE/EUW and I could say that Draven is my main champ, but I like other champions too.
  15. TeXusAK

    What is better?

    PC in my opinion, PlayStation is decent enough but XBOX is just trash for me.