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    Name » boop Age » 16 Location » Canada a.k.a Cold Maple Syrup Kingdom, eh! Hobby & Passions » Programming, Web Design and Video Gaming. Y'know, whatever the fuck a pimple-covered geek would enjoy while sitting in his room in front of a laptop sitting next to 3 greasy take out bags from Wendy's while scoffing down zesty hot Doritos. How did you found SynthX Community? » I found the SynthX community while looking through partnerships in a server, I saw that there was a link to a forum for a discord sever. I've recently been really obsessed with forums as well, so I really wanted to check this place out. A short description of yourself » White Contact » Just direct message me on this site and I'll try to respond, I don't want to give out my discord cause I'm insecure lmao Other details » Apologies if my dark humor gets out of hand.