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  2. boop

    Minecraft Comeback

    I guess I was right, Minecraft was making a comeback, and come back it has! This is quite the amazing event, I can't wait for Minecraft: Earth to release as well 🎈
  3. πŸ¦”Β Sonic The Hedgehog

  4. boop

    Discord Bot

    Perhaps add backups for custom emojis, it's not a hard thing to add, I don't believe that server emojis actually get deleted when a server is raided, so it could just be a means of saving the urls for the emojis. Overall it's a decent bot, I dunno if it's yours but I'm just gonna go off of it because you're advertising it.
  5. boop


    let's get a thread filled with awesome cat pictures goin' boys. This is just what this dead forum needs... I hope that somebody sees this thread :(
  6. boop


    I hope one of the plans is to eventually make this place active again, it's been a while since anything was posted to these forums and I desperately wanted to try being active on a forum rather than just being active on a discord server.
  7. BlizzardGFX

    Discord Bot

    Hello have you ever been interested in backing up your discord server because it got raided? Well use this bot This bot can backup your server just in case!
  8. TeXusAK


    T/C. We will consider this suggestion for the future.
  9. TeXusAK

    OpenGraph Meta Tags

    Suggestion successfully added.
  10. TeXusAK

    OpenGraph Meta Tags

    Thanks for the suggestion, will add this in some hours. From what I know there are already meta tags for every thread specific, like thread name, description and all that but there aren't good tags for the index.php.
  11. TeXusAK

    Minecraft Comeback

    Yeah, you might be right. I'll most likely give Minecraft a new try this weekend.
  12. boop

    OpenGraph Meta Tags

    Your suggestion: Add OpenGraph Meta Tags to this site How this suggestion can help the community?: This will make sure that when the link is sent through discord, twitter, facebook, etc. that it displays information about what the site contains. This site does have some basic meta tags set up for this, but they're extremely plain and I doubt that they've been touched since the site's install. You can add a thumbnail, a better description, etc. to make it so people who recieve it from other people get a little bit of a description as to what these forums are about. More details: Here's an example of how this works,, you might also be able to add support for showing information regarding different threads with a short summary of what the thread is about.
  13. "NASA spends one million dollars to recover Opportunity from Mars" lmao
  14. boop

    Minecraft Comeback

    The soundtrack is what really gives me that crazy nostalgia, the tune of Sweden is an amazing piece. But even PewDiePie stated that, like his channel, Minecraft is slowly coming back and becoming more relevant. Why just a few days ago my friends started up a Minecraft realm while a year ago we made fun of Minecraft. The world is looping over again i guess...
  15. boop

    hey im boop

    glad to be here chief πŸ‘Œ
  16. TeXusAK


    The suggestion is decent, but thing is that for now our forum is pretty small so it doesn't have so much traffic so no one would actually be interested in buying an advertisement on our forum. We will probably add that in the future, thank you for suggesting that.
  17. TeXusAK

    htaccess auto-redirect to HTTPS

    I'll take a look into what suggested, but you're right here. When people register they see the "Not-secure" in the url bar which makes them kinda scared let's say? But thank you so much for putting effort into this and actually suggesting updates for the forum.
  18. TeXusAK

    Minecraft Comeback

    I mean, checking the stats Minecraft is still the biggest game that exists, that means it's played by a lot of people. But you're right, many times I come back to it to play it again. It gives such a nostalgia moment reminding me of old memories.
  19. TeXusAK

    R.I.P. , Opportunity Rover June 10, 2018

    LOOOL, that would be funny as hell to see.
  20. TeXusAK

    hey im boop

    Welcome, nice to have you here πŸ˜„
  21. TeXusAK

    Webhook to Discord

    Tbh mate, I was already working on something like this but it's appreciated to see it as a suggestion from someone. I hope to finish this suggestion in maybe the next update, but I'll add it for sure.
  22. boop

    Webhook to Discord

    Your suggestion: A Webhook for this forum that links to the discord How this suggestion can help the community?: It could help get this community more active, as the main method of advertising this site is through the discord server, and after you join it's barely ever mentioned again. Discord has a webhook system that you could use to send updates to a channel (sort of like a public log) so people could see when there's a new thread so they can visit it. It could probably improve the daily traffic because people would see more info about the forum in the discord and would possibly see a thread that catches their eye. More details: If your developers don't know how to do this, which is highly unlikely, check out the following links as they'll provide some good insight on how to do this sort of thing... <= StackOverflow Question regarding post requests <= PHP Reference Manual on the function from the StackOverflow Question <= Discord Webhook Reference Manual
  23. F Man, I hope someday they'll go to mars and recover the poor guy, such a good boye :)
  24. boop

    advice for the one who started looking at anime!

    i just wont watch any new animes at all, sounds like a simple solution even if i don't get to watch what my peers think is great. Dragon Maid is the only anime for me
  25. boop

    GrRaY Introduction

    you wanna netflix and chill homie?
  26. boop

    How do you spend your time?

    I usually spend most of my day working on programming projects and looking around discord. Sometimes I do take breaks to play games like Minecraft, OSU! and Stardew Valley. And y'all are really giving out too much information when you talk about strangling your urine snake...
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